Spark Wave® Therapy

The Spark Wave® therapy represents an innovative and long-term effective method for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This therapy leads to a significant improvement of the erectile function in patients and ensures their sexual spontaneity as well as the restored quality of life which come along therewith. The Spark Wave® therapy relies on the treatment / elimination of the main cause of erectile dysfunction, namely the reduced blood supply to the penile tissue.

The effectiveness of the Spark Wave® therapy has been scientifically proven. Clinical studies show that the improvement of erectile function in patients after shock wave application persists for up to two years and approximately 50% to 60% of patients may stop taking PDE5 inhibitors (e.g. Viagra).

The Spark Wave® therapy is performed on an outpatient basis and represents a real alternative without medication and therewith unwanted side effects and is perfect suitable for patients who do not respond to medication.

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General information

What are Spark Waves®?

Spark Waves® are particularly effective shock waves, which are predominantly used in the medical field to improve blood circulation in the area of orthopedics, sports medicine and cosmetics for over 20 years. The non-invasive treatment is considered safe, tolerable and effective.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment of an erectile dysfunction is an outpatient procedure. During the therapy, high-energy sound waves are applied over the affected area.

Are there side effects?

The Spark Wave® therapy is painless for the patient, thus anesthetic is not necessary. Side effects have not been observed.


Mechanism of Spark Wave®

With age, particularly by excessive consumption of nicotine and/or alcohol as well as metabolic diseases such as diabetes, mainly the small blood vessels in the tissues suffer. This leads to a reduced blood supply and to the associated consequences for the tissue.

Spark Waves® unfurl Slide_Wachstumsfaktorenits potential exactly at this issue, by stimulating the self-healing powers of the affected tissue at cellular and vascular level in a natural way. It initiates the increased release of the so-called pro-angiogenic growth factors such as VEGF, eNOS, PCNA, etc., leading to a increased cell proliferation and therefore for tissue regeneration of the treated corpora cavernosa and secondly, to the growth of new blood vessels by sprouting new microvessels from the existing blood vessels. The growth factor VEGF (vessel endothelial growth factor) plays also an integral role in the vasculogenesis, i.e. the complete new formation of blood vessels from endothelial stem cells. Angiogenesis and vasculogenesis contribute enormously to the improvement of blood circulation of the affected tissue. Furthermore Spark Waves® initiate the migration of mesenchymal stem cells into the affected tissue.

The combination of all the mentioned factors leads to a long-term improvement in the erectile function of the patient and improves its sexual spontaneity and quality of life.


Especially the angiogenic effect of Spark Waves® is known for a long time in other medical applications, e.g. in the therapy of sports injuries or chronic wounds, and specifically for tissue regeneration.



The innovative therapy system urogold100® provides a long-term effective and safe treatment for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction.

urogold100® utilizes the biological effects of Spark Waves® to stimulate the self-healing of the affected tissue at cellular and vascular level. Spark Waves® encourage the formation of new blood vessels, the release of angiogenic growth factors and trigger – clinically proven – the migration of stem cells, which in turn increase blood circulation in the treated area significantly. The combination of all the mentioned factors leads to a long-term improvement in the erectile function and improves the sexual spontaneity and its associated quality of life of the patient.

urogold100® represents an effective and safe alternative to medical treatment of erectile dysfunction and it is also suitable for patients who have not responded to the medication. The treatment with urogold100® is an outpatient procedure. The Spark Wave® therapy is painless for the patient. There are no side effects to expect.

The therapy system itself is characterized by its unique soft-wide focus applicator which guarantees a uniform distribution of the treatment energy for satisfactory therapeutic results. Further characteristic of urogold100® are its compact size and the modern design that ensure an ease transport and comfortable handling of the system during the treatment. The implemented High-quality materials and the latest MTS technology guarantee a superior quality of Spark Waves® and provide an ideal treatment process.